Saturday, December 29, 2012

The World Didn't End and Christmas is over. Now What?

Sigh… How’d You Feel waking up the morning of December 22nd? Were you surprised? Happy? Maybe you never believed it at all.  I know for me personally it was rather disappointing to awaken on the day after the world was supposed to end ...oh don’t be shocked… it’s not what you think I mean…because my middle name is procrastination. LOL... yep I used the excuse many times … oh it’s OK the world is ending according to the Mayan Calendar so why bother going through those old cancelled checks and bank statements anyway? 

I have a huge character flaw that the end of the world allowed me to excuse myself from dealing with crap… crap in the biggest sense of I’m NOT a hoarder… I have a terrible time getting rid of paperwork … I hold this awful dread that the minute I toss those old receipts or records I’ll have to have it to prove something… This point was sorely brought to my attention when we were packing to move down here. Yep, you guessed it... I packed the damn crap and brought it with me… so now that the world didn't end on the 21st of this month I am forced to go through the bags and boxes of old crap and get a handle on it.

A long time back, when moving to Tennessee was still just a dream I bought a book called “101 Ways to Simplify Your Life” by Candy Paull,  the tiny paper back book is arranged so that you can start at tip #1 or page thru the book and pick one (each tip is complete on just one page).  It’s snowing outside today here in Tennessee where it’s not supposed to snow... but it does. Since being outside isn't an option I decided to pick up the book and just randomly open it up and do whatever tip I landed on…

I landed on tip # 67 Keep Paper in its Place. So now if I am going to keep my promise to myself I have to go through at least one mound of paper. 

So I figure at least if my desk ends up looking like a blizzard just blew in I’ll have my coffee and be warm... if you don't hear from me within a few days ...send in a search and rescue team!

Wishing you all a perfect day

Monday, November 26, 2012

Off the Grid

You know that saying be careful what you wish for, you just might get it? well yeah you guessed it... I know it's been two forever's since I've posted on here... and I apologize but so much has gone on in the past 3 years that I wouldn't know where to start.. so I'll start with a thought I had today... which is Why did I ever want to be OFF the GRID.... but I did and I do still except that man is it ever hard to get used to not always being connected... via telephone, long  distance and internet... it's very hard to get used to it. Especially since once your whole life for the most part centered around online community *connectedness* immediate access to any information you could ever want at the tips of your fingers. Well let me tell you getting that cozy connected feeling out in the boonies of Tennessee is a whole lot different from living in a major metropolis... we finally have a land line and now 10 days later the outgoing long distance is hooked up.. Yea! and if you go sit under hubby's desk and hold your mouth right don't breathe for gods sake... you might get a call on your cell phone... so now we have to pay extra for any long distance we use (since we can't use the cell phones which come with unlimited long distance) but you know what? I'm just tickled pink that if I have to I can now make a call out of my phone exchange...

the thing is it really is worth it... to be somewhat off the grid... it's only 10 miles to Walmart after all and that's so much better than having it right across your street behind a dilapidated 6 foot wooden privacy fence..

I really am going to try and post here more often... and I'll take time later to slowly catch you up

for now I bid you ado.. from the hollers of beautiful Tennessee...