Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MYOB Mind your own beeswax..

"If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once a week". - Charles Darwin

What a great statement don't you think? I first saw this quote when I logged onto my home page this morning... and while browsing through the headlines saw many that made me think Wow maybe I need to take Charlie's advise and get out a book of poetry and turn on some music... anything would be better than reading about the transgressions of yet another sports hero... which by the way... what is it that makes the news media think we really care to know? Me personally I don't really give a diddly squat what someone else does behind closed doors... not the president, not the rock star, or late night talk show host, and not the professional sports person either... if it's not illegal ... it's none of my business. If their spouse or significant other is dealing with it then PLEASE Mr/Ms reporter please leave them to pick up the pieces in peace. It's none of your business either.

My initial post today was going to be on a totally different topic... but I need to go read some poetry and turn on some soothing music... perhaps a cup of strong coffee will wash the bad taste out of my mouth...