Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MYOB Mind your own beeswax..

"If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once a week". - Charles Darwin

What a great statement don't you think? I first saw this quote when I logged onto my home page this morning... and while browsing through the headlines saw many that made me think Wow maybe I need to take Charlie's advise and get out a book of poetry and turn on some music... anything would be better than reading about the transgressions of yet another sports hero... which by the way... what is it that makes the news media think we really care to know? Me personally I don't really give a diddly squat what someone else does behind closed doors... not the president, not the rock star, or late night talk show host, and not the professional sports person either... if it's not illegal ... it's none of my business. If their spouse or significant other is dealing with it then PLEASE Mr/Ms reporter please leave them to pick up the pieces in peace. It's none of your business either.

My initial post today was going to be on a totally different topic... but I need to go read some poetry and turn on some soothing music... perhaps a cup of strong coffee will wash the bad taste out of my mouth...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Wisdom: Stay Home - Shop Online

So what are your plans for the day after Thanksgiving? You going out there to shove your way through to the aisle you want to purchase from? In that awful cold? or Have you already been out sitting in those long lines of traffic waiting to get into the parking lot? Did you find what you went to buy?

I'm telling you my friend... you couldn't get me out there in that chaos for a million bucks.. seriously... well ok maybe for a million bucks.. but to save a few pennies FURGETABOUTIT... I'm staying in my cozy little hidey hole and shopping on line --my personal favorite shopping, socializing and selling site is hands down. Think about it... no lines... no crabby clerks... no traffic... you're always close to the bathroom... browse through the new coupon list to look for savings or the gift guides or use the old fashioned way and just search the site if you know what you are looking for... right there at your finger tips... and you can wear your fuzzy bunny slippers and no one will laugh at you... This is heaven I'm telling you.. LOL

There are a ton of great deals to be had and something for everyone on your list so while you're regrouping this evening take a minute to check out the millions of possibilities ...

Oh by the way... I won't laugh at you but sweetie you really do need a new pair of slippers those are beginning to look like rags instead of bunnies...

You could go check these little cuties out at Bonanzle and they're under $15 with shipping...

but if they aren't to your taste you can try this...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bonanzle Shop Keepers Ready for Holiday Shoppers

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Thought I'd take a moment as I sit here smelling the smells of goodies baking and the turkey roasting to wish each and everyone a Thanksgiving day filled with Joy and Laughter loving friends, family and good food.

If you're thinking about getting your holiday shopping done early have you considered shopping online? Avoid the crowds, nasty weather and chasing sales from one store to the next by shopping at Bonanzle is home to many wonderful shop keepers all in one friendly easy to use marketplace.

Geared up and ready for holiday shoppers many shops are offering special sales all weekend long that will make your eyes pop and your wallet very happy. Gift guides and ideas selected by the community are the latest addition to the Bonanzle market place --easy to find just look for the stocking on Bonanzle's home page and click on the link for Gift Guides, you'll be transported to the Gift Guide page where you'll find a plethora of categories and price ranges to choose from for everyone on your list.

Another happening is a community wide effort of savings and sales for Cyber Monday November 30th. Below is an easy to use list of participating sellers with links to their booths and the discounts being offered. So, if you have some free time today or over the weekend why not take a look you'll be glad you did.

Coupon code: HolidaySpa gives 20% off on Cyber Monday
Coupon code: cyberday gives 40% off monday only until 9pm est
Coupon code: Cyber Monday gives 25% off
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35% off with the code: Cyber Monday
Coupon Code: XMASBLING gives 25% off everything PLUS free shipping
20% off everything with coupon code: MerryChristmas
Coupon code: Christmas2009 gives 40% off all candle jars, multipack tealights, multipack votives, and multi votive scented bars
Coupon code: cyber20 for 20% off!
Coupon Code MERRY = 20% OFF Any Jewelry Item. Christmas Shoppe Items Already Just Above Wholesale & Receive FREE Snowman or Santa Plush with Shower Gel with any Christmas Item Purchase! [while supplies last!]
Coupon code: CYBERMONDAY15 = 15% off everything, hand crafted Porcelain Limoges Boxes from France among other goodies.
Coupon code: OSHUNSPIRIT gives 25% off PLUS each $10 purchase made on 11/30 = 1 entry to an awesome doorprize drawing!
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30% everything!
20% off w/code THANKS
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Save 25% with Discount Code: Cyber
Save 25% with Discount Code: Cyber
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Cyber Monday Special Buy $1.00 of stuff Get 15% off! No coupon needed. Discounts will automatically be calculated at check out.
MasonicTreasures-KustomGraphics 4u
Cyber Monday Special Buy $1.00 of stuff Get 15% off! No coupon needed. Discounts will automatically be calculated at check out.
Ziggy Zool’s eclectible odds n ends
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30% off all items (except gift certificates) from midnight Sunday until midnight Cyber Monday! Simply use code: Cyber.
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35% off. with coupon code: “cheese”
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's the Rush

As an online seller I'm supposed to be all geared up for the Christmas rush...I should be sporting my Santa Hat and Christmas themed banner et al. All the marketing experts say so... I've been seeing Santa Hats, Jingle Bells, Reindeer and Elves... blasted with Christmas tunes since the day after Halloween. These visions appear not only in my daily travels across the web as I search for the few remaining items I need to complete my Christmas gift giving but in every venue I've been in this month, from the grocery store, drug stores, and of course the WallyWorlds and other department stores.

So why am I just dragging my feet? The whole idea of being an online seller is to sell obviously, so shouldn't I be convincing the multitudes that I'm the most Christmassy of them all and donning my Christmas persona, blasting away with reminders that you only have blah blah shopping days left till Christmas?

I don't know about you Gentle Reader but it seems to me that the "marketing experts" and buyers at the Big Girl Stores have forgotten something important and by doing so blend every season so that there are no distinguishing lines. It's about getting the jump on your competition and apparently the "marketing experts" think that blasting the multitudes with flashing lights and bawdy Musak tunes is a necessary evil lest we forget to buy buy buy...

What happened to Thanksgiving? Which when I was growing up was probably the second most favorite day of the year... following birthday's only by a smidgen in favorite-ness. Sure I loved Christmas like all kids I suppose. But, to me Thanksgiving was the next thing after Halloween to look forward too because everybody was happy, full and having Fun! Growing up, we meaning not just my Mom, Dad, Brother and I, but the entire clan of Grandparents, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles from both sides of the family cooked and cooked, ate and laughed together in one place. One Thanksgiving memory I will never forget, happened when it was Aunt Ethel's turn to host the clan... and her husband, Uncle Fred decided to play a joke on us all. He went out and bought a live turkey instead of one that had already been dressed (actually I'm not sure that it was just a prank but most likely cheaper on his pocket book, Uncle Fred after all was so tight he squeaked when he walked) and turned it loose in their back yard. Trooper that she was, poor Aunt Ethel went after that bird with a vengeance but the turkey had other ideas. I recall all us non-adults --hid behind curtains laughing and giggling at the spectacle of our aunt running through the back yard trying to catch that bird. We were in stitches when to a chorus of "I'll swans" Mom, Grandma and Aunts went in to help, by the time it was all over my brother and I and all of our cousins were in a breathless heap because all of the adults Uncle Fred included, were chasing that one poor bird all over that tiny backyard and he just kept slipping away. Yes, we did have turkey that year, while being serenaded by the gobble, gobble, gobble of that Tom strutin his stuff in the back yard... and giggles, snickers and laughter as we all had visions of Aunt Ethel chasing around the backyard.

My point is this take time to enjoy life one day at a time. Enjoy the colors of fall, the crunch of the leaves under your feet. Don't rush the days till they all blend together into one big blur.

Personally, I'm just going to smell the Turkey roasting.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Story - My favorite eBay alternative - My Bonanzle

This may sound like cheer-leading and it probably is. Well it's my Blog and I'll cheer if I want to, Cheer if I want to... Cheer if I want to...You would too... if you only knew... Bill... Bill he's the king of the hill... and he's the Baby Daddy...

Gentle Reader: What the heck is it already??

Since you asked, I'd like to mention the best alternative to eBay to sell and buy stuff. It's called Bonanzle - it came out of beta in September of 2008 with approximately 10,000 listings and less than one thousand members of which I was one. After being named the best eBay alternative in July of 2008 by Ecommerce Guide, Bonanzle was again named the best eBay alternative in January, this time by SmallBusinessComputing. Just two days ago Bonanzle celebrated its first birthday within 4,000 members of reaching the milestone mark of 100,000 and all in just one short year... Gosh it seems like just yesterday that we got the Birth Announcement… it can't possibly have been a year already--Can it? .. .an infant can be exhausting, but there’s so much to look forward to I for one have enjoyed the ups and downs --The Milestones have come so fast! What fun having the chance to help build and watch the baby grow beyond anyone’s wildest predictions.

I need to digress here to give you a bit of background on how I became an online seller. My hubby, Scott introduced me to the world of auctions while we were dating. He likes to say he created a monster; I have always loved a bargain and old things so it’s easy to see why it was a match made in heaven. The downside is we ended up with tons of neat stuff and nowhere for it. After we were married we became vendors at a medium sized local flea market. Scott bought and sold on eBay before I met him and he was pretty darned good at it, once word got out folks constantly asked us to list this or that for them. We finally got smart and decided to offer it as a service.

We became eBay trading assistants and he taught me the ins and outs of eBay. We developed a healthy clientele of older folks who were retiring and needed to downsize their collections. You know the collections of "stuffage" you hang onto throughout the years to pass along to the Kids only to learn they want nothing to do with your eclectible collage of family heirlooms. Before long we became power sellers. Things were great until...

You knew the other shoe would drop didn't you? Basically, it boils down to much the same story as lots of the small mom and pop's of eBay's original seller base. Once everything became geared towards the new and shiny, most of our customer's items just didn’t fit with today's eBay. Exhausted by all the changes at eBay, I began to search for another venue. I tried so many different venues and just wasn't having much luck on any of them. Our consignment service was closed down in December of 2007, unsold items were returned to their owners and promises made to keep in touch. Hubby continued to sell his new hand-made Masonic penny jewelry, auto-emblems, and decals to the Masonic members of eBay. In the meantime, I helped whenever I could, and continued seeking a venue where our stuffage would be welcome and sell. The long list of venues I haunted during my search would be a familiar one, none worked well for me.

One day in early August 2008, after finishing a mess of listing edits I decided to take a break, spend some time in Auctiva’s forums reading other sellers views and solutions to the latest change implemented at eBay. I found this post made by some humorous guy that made me giggle and in turn click the link he posted to this new fangled website called of all things Bonanzle. I went, I loved it, but I didn't jump right in, first I read, read and read some more. What I found seemed like paradise! Honest. The funny guy turned out to be Bill Harding, creator and owner of a marketplace that had of all things a real time chat box in your storefront, which by the way they called “booths”. This chat box was set-up so a buyer with a question can chat or haggle with the booth owner right then, just as if you were at a craft fair or yard sale. There were no fees to list an item unless it sold, no expiring listings, once you list it, it stays till you remove it or sell it. Final value fees so freakin low I didn’t believe my eyes. I could go on forever. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find a deal breaker anywhere. I showed Hubby next. He looked over everything, agreeing it seemed very cool. So he signed up and we went to work getting a booth set up for his Masonic Treasures 4u line. They even provided an importer to bring over all of his active eBay listings! With the batch editor it took lots less time getting his booth up than anticipated. So quick in fact, I decided to set up shop myself in a separate booth. Finally, a home where I fit, and so did my "eclectible odds n ends"

I know it sounds corny but, I’ll tell you the truth, that day in August totally changed my life. I found myself hopping out of bed just to get to the computer and log onto Bonanzle… I’m serious. It was so much more than just a place to list our things and wait for them to sell. I’ve learned much in just a year, I’ve grown, I’ve stretched, I’ve made lifelong friends, I’ve found home and best of all I’ve made sales.